Machinery stock

  1. Sheet metal cutting laser 2D 4KW

    The most production important stage is a sheet metal cutting laser. This modern and automated machine permits high quality cutting, repeatability of products and cutting speed of details.

    Cutting range:

    • Stainless Steel 15 mm
    • Aluminum 10 mm.

    Worktable 1500x3000.

    Vacuum loading system eliminates the possibility of damage to the surface. Richly stocked sheets warehouse permits to implement the product quickly.

  2. Shear

    Precise CNC shear allows for precise cutting of strips of sheet metal, the support system for the cut off element eliminates the risk of damage to the sheet.

    Cutting range:

    0.3 to 6 mm x L 3000 mm

  3. Surfaces grinding and deburring of edges.

    With this machine, we can finish the sheet planes by brushing or satining surfaces, and it permits to round, to bend sharp outer edges as well as holes,/p>

  4. CNC Press Brake

    Precise CNC bending is the basis for a successful product. Rich equipment in tools permits complex bending.

    Range of bending:

    up to 5 mm thickness on the length of 3 meters

  5. Sheet metal rolling.

    Used in the performance of tanks and all kinds of elements which must be given a large bending radius.

    Rolling range:


  6. Table and column drill:

    Drilling, tapping, chamfering.

  7. Circular saw for cutting tubes and profiles.

    Welding of stainless steel, acid resistant steel and aluminum.

    Experienced welders are the basis for a robust design that goes hand in hand with aesthetics.

    Spawanie metodami:

    • TIG AC DC
    • MIG MAG
  8. Welding threaded and ordinary studs by a capacitor method.

  9. Welding sheet metal by contact transformer welder.

  10. Passivation of welds and aesthetic finish.

    Using the latest electrolytic passivation technology, and thanks to the experience in grinding, brushing welds and welded components, the products take on the esthetic appearance according to customer requirements.

  11. 2D 3D design

    By using modern software and owing to an experienced team of designers / engineers, every detail of the product is refined before commencement of manufacture.


    • Solid Works Professional (SLDPRT STEP STP CGR)
    • AutoCAD ( DWG. DXF )

Machinery stock

Sheets laser cutting, precision shear, bending on CNC press brakes, surface grinding, edge faltering, rolling, drilling, chamfering, threading, welding, and finishing