The shared passion for aluminum and stainless steel is the foundation of the KM Metal Works actions.

Our Offer

We provide services in the field of stainless steel and aluminum processing by:

Laser sheet cutting, guillotine cutting, CNC bending, surface grinding and deburring, rolling, drilling and threading, welding of stainless steels and aluminum by TIG, MIG, MAG, and finishing.

In addition to the services we also produce furniture and appliances for the food industry:

  tables, closets, hoods, tubs, waste baskets, containers, tanks, etc.

We also offer a range of products for small architecture:

pots, benches, bike racks, balustrades, driveways, etc.


Laser cutting of stainless steel and aluminum sheets. Guillotine cutting. Surface treatment of sheets by grinding satin, edge folding. CNC sheet metal bending. Metal sheets solling. Rolling and bending of pipes. Drilling, chamfering, tapping. Precise sawing of staiunless steel and aluminum pipes and profiles. Point welding. Welding stainless steel and aluminum. Grinding and finishing. 2D, 3D design.


In our offer you will also find furniture for catering. The use of stainless steel guarantees durability, aesthetics, ease of cleaning, but first of all meets the sanitary requirements. Thanks to the experience gained in Poland and abroad, we can help you set up and design your furniture and appliances according to your needs. We can also do individual projects. In our realizations you will find among others: Sinks, sinks to size, work tables, wall cabinets, through-cabinets, waste bins, containers, hoods, industrial absorbers, transport trolleys, etc. as well as individual projects.

Food processing industry

The durability and ease of cleaning makes stainless steel the most common material in the food processing industry. Our experience in the food processing industry ensures that every order is delivered in accordance with current requirements. In our realizations you will find among others: Industrial absorbers, tubs, chutes, containers, work tables, baskets and waste bins, as well as individual designs according to the customer needs.

Building industry

The durability and visual effect of stainless steel and aluminum makes them more and more frequently used in the construction industry. Our projects include: Stairs, balustrades, planking, façade panels, driveways, gates, spans, wickets and gates, washbasins, shower grates as well as small architecture, benches, flower pots, mailboxes, etc. We also perform orders for individual projects. Our engineers have experience and knowledge to help you with your order. When using stainless steel, we can be assured of durability and aesthetics.

Equipment funeral homes and autopsy rooms

Transport trolleys, body trays, washing and embalming tables, instrument tables, tray wash tubs, shelves, as well as custom-made details.

Machinery stock

Sheets laser cutting, precision shear, bending on CNC press brakes, surface grinding, edge faltering, rolling, drilling, chamfering, threading, welding, and finishing